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Hey, Max here. Got a minute? Here's a quick story I like to tell about 2 guitar players. 

They're pretty similar in most ways... 

Both guys picked up guitar for the first time in their late 20s. And both have been playing around 14-15 years. Both have families and demanding jobs. Both play good-quality (not great) acoustic guitars that they restring every few months. 

One of them, Matt, tells me the other day... “Max, I’ve been playing more than a decade, and I’m doing okay... practicing a lot and picking up new stuff when I can. I’m just starting to improvise leads.

Now, the other guy — call him Scotty — I just heard from Scott a couple days ago. “Max," he says, "I need some more stuff on advanced soloing — I picked up soloing basics about a year ago, now gimme more!!
What Made The Difference?
Have you ever wondered... what makes this kind of difference between two guitar players? 

How could these two guitar players be so similar on the surface, and yet, so different in their progress and skill level? 

I dug into their backstory a bit. And what I found might be able to help you in your own playing.
The Missing Ingredient For Almost Every "Stuck" Guitar Player
The one “missing" building block behind almost any guitar player that complains he’s stuck is almost always one thing.

It’s not time to practice, or gear (good or bad). And it’s not motivation, nor is it God-given talent. 

It is having a solid foundation of fundamentals and music theory and applying that knowledge to any style of guitar. 

Matt, who is always practicing and learning yet remains stuck at his own "Skill Ceiling", hadn't yet put himself through a comprehensive training on guitar and music theory. 

Scott, on the other hand, learned music theory and fretboard fundamentals a few years ago, and it clearly catapulted his skill level head by years.
Theory Fundamentals = Freedom on the Fretboard
Our newest DVD lesson set, Fretboard Fundamentals Master Set, is built exactly for this purpose. 

When you truly master the fundamentals and theory basics, something great happens. 

As you go through these lessons, all at once or gradually over time, you’ll begin to notice you start to pick up songs and new techniques much easier. 

All the new stuff just “clicks”. 

I’m confident you’ll love Fretboard Fundamentals. It’ll change your whole world of music. 
Fretboard Fundamentals DVD Master Set

3 Discs, 5+ Hours Of Content
Taught by legendary guitar player, Max Rich. This is the last music theory course you will ever need. 

Fretboard Fundamentals DVD Master Set is quite literally a launchpad for your guitar skills and technique. In these discs you will learn
 a foundation for your playing that you can use for years and years to come. 
Here's Everything You Will Learn From Fretboard Fundamentals...
•  Boost your theory knowledge using the First Five Frets, setting you up for the rest of the training...even if you can't read music notation to save your life

•  Discover the note patterns on the fretboard, so you can move up & down the neck with true ease... 

•  Liven up your rhythm playing by transforming simple chord shapes (like A minor or D minor)...without having to "remember" ANYTHING...

•  Use intervals to create chords on the fly, within any key, in any position on the neck...

•  Build scales around any chord instantly... (this is KEY to start improvising)... 

•  Construct chords and be able to execute triads, AND learn from real song examples with 10 different fingerings of C Major and A minor chords...

•  Gracefully ascend & descend the neck with arpeggios, made easy with step-by-step videos... 

•  Uncover the amazingly powerful shortcut tool called the Circle of Fifths and understand how all key signatures relate to each other...

•  Learn to think "Within A Key" (aka Diatonically)... and use these methods to formulate chords, progressions, and harmonies that finally fit together like pieces of a puzzle...

•  (Pssst! There’s also a Bonus Disc... But I'll tell you more about that later!)
My Secret To You: 
You Don't Need To Hit "Buy" To Get Any Of This Great Material
No catch. That's the simple truth. You can pick up all this material in two different ways:

Alternate Option #1 — Hire a guitar teacher using either the classifieds, Craigslist or Google search. They'll likely teach you what you need to know about music theory and the fundamentals of the guitar fretboard. I would recommend interviewing at least three different teachers to find one with a teaching style that matches your learning style. All told, this will take at least 10 weeks or more. At $20-$50 per lesson, that'll run you between $200 and $500. 

Alternate Option #2 — Find free lessons on YouTube (using the outline above). Go search "Guitar Intervals lesson", for example, and choose from one of the 98,500+ results. If you go this route, keep in mind, there's zero guarantee of quality or satisfaction. You can pretty much better you'll need an hour or more just to find the right lesson video for you. And the more important caveat, you'll be spammed with ads and link trackers. (Remember: if it's free, you're the product.) 

Why I think our Fretboard Fundamentals DVD Master Set Is Better Than Those — Sure, it's not free. But it's gives you a self-contained, start-to-finish set of instructional videos on exactly what to do...

• There's No Guesswork — We give you exactly what you need to get you up to "cruising speed" on theory.

• Guaranteed Quality & Satisfaction — We've been doing this for years with thousands of happy customers.

• On-Demand Teaching — Can a teacher come over at a moment's notice, any time for the rest of your life?

• Stop. Rewind. Fast-Forward. — Learn at your own speed, whether you have 10 minutes a day or 60.
Either Fretboard Fundamentals
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I believe in the power of the lessons in this DVD Master Set so much that if after using it for 30 days you aren’t a believer, or seeing progress in the way you want to, simply return the DVD set. 
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